Alan Singleton from Watersaver Gardens is giving visitors to the 2018 Toowoomba Expo the opportunity to win a $380.00 Watersaver Garden Kit – Extra Large ! This prize could change your life for the better, at least in regards to caring for your gardens !

A Watersaver Garden is also known as a wicking bed system. Plants take up water as needed, meaning no plant is ever over-watered or not watered enough. The topsoil of the garden remains dry (unless it rains) so weeds have little to no chance for germination. All of the work is left to the plants instead of you !

To enter: Simply fill out your entry coupon found in the official Event Guide for the Toowoomba Expo and take it to the Watersaver Gardens site U131 during the Event.

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions.


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