The biggest problem with traditional fixed stumping ‘systems’ is as soon as the ground moves or settles, it throws the entire building out of level. If nothing is done about this, then the end result will be cracks in the walls and doors that don’t open or close properly.

But the good news is that there is a solution that can address this issue whenever it occurs. LevelMaster has created a fully adjustable stumping system that can be used for homes both old and new, and a house can be levelled within a matter of hours.

By installing the LevelMaster product, all these issues can be solved quickly and without the need for hydraulic jacks or special tools. Up to 120mm of adjustment (up and down) can be achieved, plus LevelMaster is fully certified to meet and exceed building regulations.

The LevelMaster choice actually works out cheaper in the long run, and delivery is quick and easy thanks to product being available as individual components.

If your home is starting to show signs like cracks in the walls, or you would like to be proactive and avoid it all together, be sure to check out LevelMaster at the Toowoomba Expo, where you can get further information on specifications and pricing.


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